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Consulting is a 100% customized program to meet the client's needs.


The entire program will be developed together with the client. It can be face-to-face, online, and mixed intervention.

Main goal

Provide all theoretical and practical information so that the client is able to develop perineal rehabilitation in their clinic.

Specific objectives:

  • To enable the professional to offer a treatment to increase the patient´s quality of life
  • To train professionals to be respected in the field
  • To teach the Active Perineal Rehabilitation protocol concept
  • To share a scientific update in pelvic floor muscles rehabilitation
  • To teach physical examination and anamnesis
  • To identify pelvic floor muscle disfunction
  • To understand the best treatment in each pathology
  • To understand pelvic floor muscle exercises and how to apply the best technique
  • To understand biofeedback and how to use the different types
  • To understand how to use electrostimulation in pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation not only in neuromuscular via; but also sensitive via.
  • To prescribe vaginal cones
  • To prescribe home exercises properly and with the patients' adherence
  • To know how to start pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation in your space and how to raise more patients
  • To know to work in an interdisciplinary team to offer the best treatment to each patient


  • Training and authorization to use Active Perineal Rehabilitation protocol
  • Access to Dr. Laira Ramos resources
  • Exclusive access to Active Perineal Rehabilitation 2ºEd book
  • Access to online classes
  • Potential to work directly with Dr. Laira Ramos

Professor: Dra. Laira Ramos https://www.linkedin.com/in/lairaramos/

She chose to work in the field of urogynecology when she started university at Universidade Estadual de Londrina (Londrina State University) in 2002 and she has been involved in several traineeships since then. Her father and sister strongly influenced my career choice as both of them are gynecologists and have always encouraged her.

After graduating in 2005, she specializes exclusively in Pelvic Floor Muscles Rehabilitation and continually keeps up-to-date with the best and latest treatments, practices, and procedures for her patients.

She loves what she does and she works hard to balance her practice, her courses, and her study and research.

Part of her work is dedicated to increasing awareness of this area. She organizes and promotes several talks to inform the general population and healthcare professionals about the importance of pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation.


The client can choose the program, it is a suggestion

APR protocol

-pressure biofeedback
-electromyography biofeedback
-electrical stimulation
-vaginal cones
-home exercises
•phase I - sessions de 1 to 4
•phase II - sessions de 5 to 8
•phase III - sessions de 9 to 14
•materials to start

•how to launch and manage

•stress urinary incontinence in woman
•mixed urinary incontinence in woman
•urge urinary incontinence in man
•prolapse grade I or II
•prolapse grade III or IV
•postprostatectomy urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction
•post prolapse and urinary incontinence surgery
•dispareunia and e less desire
•less pressure and flaccid vagina

• anatomy
• muscle neurophysiology
• physiology of micturition

•physiology of defecation

•physiology of sexuality

• physiology of pregnancy

• pelvic floor muscle dysfunction
• biomechanics


•physical examination (internal and external techniques)

-vaginal palpation
-anal palpation


•complementary exams

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